eReturn Paper Documents Electronically


Do You…

  • …want to improve the time it takes for recipients to receive their recorded documents?
  • …spend time and money on mailing back recorded documents to recipients?
  • …have customers who would prefer a digital copy of their documents in addition to or rather than a paper copy?

Swift is a module for DPS Technologies’ partners who utilize our AVID or iDocument land records management software. With Swift, your office can return recorded and rejected paper documents to opted-in submitters and recipients electronically via email as a PDF. This will allow your recipients to receive their documents back much quicker than returning the same documents via the mail or other physical methods.

Improve service to your customers

  • Documents are returned electronically after accepting an entire transaction to the appropriate recipients
  • Rejected documents are returned quickly, allowing submitters to be notified to correct and re-submit a document
  • Businesses no longer have to scan a document into their system as it is automatically returned digitally
  • Walk-ins can opt to have their documents returned via email

Improve the returning process in your office

  • Opportunity to reduce cost related to mailing back paper documents with less postage, supplies and labor required
  • Documents returned electronically with Swift can be tracked for downloads and re-sent if necessary
  • Built-in cost savings calculator lets your office keep track of how much your office has saved by implementing Swift