Secure Data Disaster Recovery Solution


Is your replicated data…

  • …stored in an appropriate environment with state-of-the-art technology?
  • …accessible by the public if the county goes off-line?
  • …protected from natural disaster?
  • …able to recover land records indices and images?


  • Fewer requirements on the county network
    • All searching of public documents can be pointed towards the replicated data
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Lost land records indices and images can not only be recovered but searchers can continue to search on the replicated data even if the county is off-line
  • Replicated data is stored in a Telco-grade facility with
    • Halon fire suppression
      • Extinguishes fires while insuring that your equipment and data are unharmed
    • Raised floor air conditioning
      • Efficiently cools the hardware that stores and maintains your data while providing a safe place to route cables
    • Biometric entry requirements
      • No unauthorized personnel will have access to your data
    • Generator back-up
      • Your data will not suffer downtime due to a power outage
    • Software monitoring
      • Watches your data and equipment for any potential issues