Connect, Protect, and Monitor Your Official Public Record


Do you…

  • …know what happens to your data once it leaves your office?
  • …want to protect the property and people referenced in your records?
  • …want to streamline access to your data?
  • …want to be the source for official public records and documents?

Monarch’s innovative technology allows your office to control and provide enhanced access to your index and document images.


  • Ability to provide enhanced access to your data and images
    • Periodic updates or real-time access
    • Historical data options available
  • Optional methods available to secure your document images
    • Watermark
    • Barcode
    • Imprinted message
  • Optional DPS supported administration where we do the
    • Invoicing
    • Support
    • Marketing
    • Outstanding debt collection
  • Can be integrated with any vendor’s land records software