Hands-Free MicroFilm Service

Automated, Flexible and User-friendly


Do you…

  • …have a process in place for archiving your images?
  • …have to spend a lot of time scanning, burning CD’s or transferring images to an FTP site?
  • …want an archiving solution that is streamlined and reliable?

Hands Free Microfilm is an automated and user-friendly solution to convert your document images to microfilm for archival purposes. Images on your system are automatically transferred to an FTP server and converted to microfilm, saving you valuable time in the process


  • No need to send image CD’s or DVD’s to a microfilm company.
  • No need to utilize expensive scanners for microfilming purposes.
  • Customizable options
    • The automated transmission of your images can be set up to occur daily, weekly or monthly.
    • Our imaging partner can store your microfilm in one of their secure locations or arrange to have it sent to an archive location of your choosing.
    • Delayed processing options to allow for rescans before printing to microfilm.