Land Records Management Software


Are you…

  • …interested in increasing the integrity of your data?
  • …interested in increasing the efficiency of your office?
  • …interested in eRecording?
  • …interested in reducing paper shuffle?

Avid’s County Land Records Management system will help your office record.


  • Enhanced Data Integrity
    • County indexers are prompted, via color-coded notifications, when indexed data is in question
  • eRecording Ready
  • Single Data Entry Field
    • Indexers enter all land records data into one entry field and AVID inputs the data into the appropriate field. There is no need to TAB through multiple entry fields
  • Reduced Paper Shuffling
    • Documents are scanned upfront to reduce the paper flow around the office and to better enable the auto-indexing of land records documents
  • Race Notice
    • AVID Land Records Management Software is designed to maintain a well-organized order to the documents assisting you in complying with state race statutes
  • Performance Tracking
    • AVID Land Records Management Software includes multiple performance and document tracking statistics
  • Integration
    • AVID Land Records Management Software can easily integrate with county GIS, Assessor, Auditor, and Treasurer data
  • Customizable Workflow Options