Define, Manage and Validate Legal Parameters


Does your office…

  • …have valid subdivisions, survey maps and tracts integrated into your land records system?
  • …notify submitters if a document is submitted with invalid parameters?
  • …have an efficient way of keeping your legal database updated?

Compatible with both iDocument and AVID DPS Land Records Management systems

Add integrity to the indexing process.

  • User-friendly graphical interface allows you to quickly and easily manage your database of subdivision, survey map and tract parameters.
  • Using Anchor’s database, AVID and iDocument will validate indexed information as you record it.
  • Automatically generated daily reports give details on documents recorded with invalid legals. This allows your county to verify the index and/or notify submitters

Provide value to submitters and searchers

  • Submitters can be automatically notified when a document from them is recorded with invalid parameters
  • Searchers’ confidence is improved as indexed information has been monitored through Anchor.