County Records Extraction Wizard

Information is flowing into Counties of all sizes exponentially. Records are continuing to increase in volumes and effective capture, transformation, distribution and preservation of content can be a constant and expensive endeavor. Indexing can help streamline this process for Counties through its step-by-step data indexing, verification and QC functions.

Indexing can be used for:

  • Importing record images from different County software systems (Land Records, Case Management etc.)
  • Records identification and classification. Land records, official public records, vitals and other records can be processed
  • Data indexing and verification: Easy extraction data (land records – instrument #, grantor, grantee, legal description; case files – case #, plaintiff, defendant, record date etc.)
  • Quality control
  • Managing exceptions
  • Storing records and data
  • Exporting of records and data and ingesting back into County software


100% Web Based: Indexing is completely web based and eliminates the need for installing desktop software. This allows for users in any location or time-zone to access Indexing and process documents. Record are not required to be sent to offshore vendors.

Transparency: While records are being processed, users with appropriate permissions will have access and visibility to the work. Counties outsourcing their records indexing process can be kept abreast and informed. This helps better manage SLAs (Service Level Agreements), exceptions and even billing.

Configurable: CREW is completely configurable to suit unique requirements of the County. Roles, users, permissions, projects/jobs, document types, workflow, index field attributes and other elements can be defined and configured with fine grain control.

Control and Measurement: For administrators, CREW offers tools and management reporting to help ensure that the system, stations and operators are being productive. The Batch Manager and Dashboard are designed to enable administrators to view the entire environment. Users can filter the Batch Manager to focus on a single County, project, batch or user. Email/text notifications and alerts will help employees, partners and Counties to proactively manage system issues and SLAs. A spectrum of reports and production metrics are available.

Scalable and Open Architecture: CREW is built using state-of-the-art technology with a tiered application architecture. This makes the system flexible and portable to be hosted on the Cloud or installed on premise. Web-services enable integration of CREW with external applications.